Lunch Menu

Lunch Bento Box


all boxes include white or fried rice (limited availability), salad and soup. NO SUBSTITUTIONS

A) tempura, sukiyaki beef, chicken teriyaki

B) tempura, sukiyaki beef, sushi

C) tempura, chicken teriyaki, sushi

D) tempura, sushi, sashimi

E) tempura, sukiyaki beef, sashimi

F) tempura, teriyaki chicken, sashimi

G) sukiyaki beef, chicken teriyaki, sushi

H) chicken teriyaki, sushi, sashimi


edamame soy beans lightly tossed with shizuoka sea salt $6

gyoza dumblings pork or veggie (ten minutes to prepare) five pc $7.5 | ten pc $14

tako yaki six octopus dumplings, bonito flakes, tako yaki sauce $7

house salad small $5 | large $9

ocean salad fresh sashimi, greens, ginger dressing $14


assorted small tempura $7.5

assorted large tempura $14

assorted seafood tempura $13

shrimp tempura $8.5

vegetable tempura $7.5

sweet potato tempura $7.5

Mini Donburi

choose one small donburi rice bowl to make a custom combination for any noodle entree (ramen, udon or saba)

ten don | curry don | beef don $5


all our ramen broth is PORK BASED and is made in house using carefully selected ingredients. all ramen containing bbq pork comes with our house pork 'toro', which is a tender, fattier cut with full flavors. please inform your server if you would like the lean pork as an alternative.

soy ramen scallions, bok choi, bbq pork, soy soup base $13

shio ramen scallions, bok choi, wakame seaweed, bbq pork, salt soup base $13

miso ramen (contains nuts) scallions, corn, cabbage, carrots, ginger, bean sprouts, bbq pork, miso soup base $14

chili goma ramen (contains nuts) scallions, ground pork, bamboo shoots, shiitake, spicy sesame soup base $16

Ramen Add-Ons

wakame seaweed $1

green onions $1

corn $1

bean sprouts $1

kimchi $1.5

spicy karashi $1

four piece bbq pork toro $5

four piece bbq pork shoulder $5

Udon / Soba

chicken udon/soba chicken, scallions, soy base soup $15

tempura udon/soba scallions, bonito flakes, soy base soup, side of assorted tempura $17

shikiji udon/soba sansai vegetables, tempura croutons, scallions, fried bean curd, tamago, shrimp tempura, soy broth $18

nabeyaki udon hot pot of shiitake, scallions, enoki mushrooms, imitation crab, egg, assorted tempura $19

ten-zaru soba cold saba noodles, 'ten-tsuyu' dipping sauce, scallions, quail egg, side of tempura $17


ten don tempura shrimp and vegetable, teriyaki sauce, rice $18

beef don soy seasoned sliced beef, scallions, tofu, ginger, rice noodles, rice $15

yakitori don pan fried teriyaki chicken, scallions, onions, rice $15

katsu don breaded pork cutlets, scallions, onions, seasoned soy sauce, beaten egg, rice | add cheese $1 | $15

unagi don grilled 9 oz fresh water eel, unagi sauce, rice $25

chirashi don chefs freshest pick of assorted sashimi, sushi rice $24

katsu curry don breaded pork cutlets, beef curry, rice $17

veggie ten don assorted veggie tempura, teriyaki sauce, rice $15

Feature Rolls

ocean mango mango, shrimp, crab, lettuce, tobiko, fried bean curd, chili mayo sauce $8

salmon tempura roll salmon, avocado, tobiko, lightly fried in tempura batter $8

salmon mango roll salmon, avacado, cucumber mango, tobiko $14

cajun chicken caesar roll cajun chicken, lettuce, tempura croutons, cheese, caesar dressing $12

crunchy autumn roll salmon, avocado, sweet potato tempura, shredded nori, spicy mayo $12

calamari roll deep fried squid, lettuce, tobiko, shichimi mayo $12

una una roll fresh water eel, cucumber, tobiko, house unagi sauce $18

rainbow roll tuna, salmon, prawn, avocado, tobiko $14

spider roll whole soft shell crab, cucumber, lettuce, mayo, tobiko $17

seaside roll unagi, avocado, salmon, tuna, seaweed salad, mango + unagi sauce $15



small 330ml | large 600ml+

village blonde $6

village blacksmith $6

kirin ichiban small $6 | large $11

sapporo small $6 | large $11

asahi super dry small $6 | large $11


house hot sake

hot small gekkeikan $6.5

house large gekkeikan $12

flavoured sake

hana lychee sake (5oz) $8

hana green apple sake (5oz) $8

takasago plum sake glass (3oz) $9.5

premium cold sake

gekkeikan deluxe 5oz box pour $10

kaiun junami ginjo shizuoka, japan glass $9
bottle (300ml) $29

kaiun tobubetsu honjozo glass $7
bottle (300ml) $25



bobs your uncle 500ml wine served in a beer bottle - south africa bottle $20

finca las primos malbec - argentina 6oz $8 | 8oz $11 | bottle $30


bobs your uncle 500ml wine served in a beer bottle - south africa bottle $20

jaja de jau sauvignon blanc - france 6oz $9 | 8oz $12 | bottle $35

Non Alcoholic

hot green tea $1.5

pop coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, ice tea $3

juice apple, orange, pineapple $3

cranberry soda $4

shirley temple $4.5

perrier $3

coffee $3